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Happy Dragon Boat Festival!

We are going to have Dragon Boat Festival holiday from 16-18th June. If you have any inquiries or need any help, please send email us. sales:; or after-sale

A bit more knowledge about the festival:

Dragon Boat Festival, also called “Duanwu festival” is one of the Chinese oldest traditional festivals.  It is held on the fifth day of the fifth month of the Chinese calendar.

The festival is originate from China, it is a festival to act the totem worship by the tribes who live in Baiyue Area in ancient China and worship the dragon totem. They have the tradition to have dragon boat competitions to act the totem worship on the fifth day of the fifth month of the Chinese calendar.

   It is also the festival for Chinese people to Commemorate Mr. Qu YUAN, who was a poet and politician of Chu State during the warring states period. He advocated the “ ideal political”, proposing to promote the able and virtuous personage and make fair and clear laws. And he had wrote many beautiful poems and anthems to praise his sate, Chu. But he was exiled after being crowded out and libeled by the nobility. On the fifth day of the fifth month, He drowned himself in Miluo river for his state, after Chu state was defeated by Qin State.

After then, the Dragon Boat Festival became the festival for Chinese people to commemorate Mr. Qu yuan. And his spirit is eulogized by people in future generations. And it developed the customs of eating Zongzi, dragon boat competition, hanging calamus and caraway, drinking realgar wine, etc

In 2008, Dragon boat festival has become the national statutory holiday.

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